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Contraband Detection Tools Are Used Most Often

Contraband Detection Tools Are Used Most Often

Law enforcement agencies, like everyone else, have to step up into the ever-changing pace of technology. And because the smugglers are getting more clever in transporting illegal drugs and other contraband, law enforcers must also have contraband detection tools as a means of effectively detecting and seizing them.

Fortunately, there’s Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) which provides state-of-the-art contraband detection tools that will aid law enforcement officers in their day-to-day job of combating drug trafficking and smuggling. CSECO is the first company in the world to have come up with contraband detection tools using technology to detect contraband.

The first of CSECO’s contraband detection tools is the Buster K910B Density Meter, now the BusterK910G Density Meter. It is a hand-held density meter which detects several different types of contraband such as illegal drugs, narcotics, currency, alcohol, jewelry, weapons, and explosives. You can use the Buster to scan through objects made from many different materials like wood, stone, metal, glass, reinforced plastic, even organic matter like soil and water.

How can a Buster scan a variety of surfaces and detect several kinds of contraband? It emits a low-intensity gamma ray and scintillation detector. This type of technology helps the user in detecting the discrepancies in density for the object being scanned. For instance, when scanning a normally hollow object such as a car tire, the Buster readings will remain in the usual levels. But when the tire is filled with an item, it results in higher-than-normal levels of gamma rays that will then bounce back at the device, sending a much higher reading on the Buster’s LCD screen to the user (it also alarms the user through an audible signal). It is an indication that possible contraband might be stuffed inside the car tire.

The Buster also has RAD-Aware® technology. It enables first responders to detect abnormal and dangerous radioactive leaks (such as dirty bombs), and therefore helps them to establish safety measures for colleagues and civilians out of the harmful effects of radiation.

Next up is the Perfect Vision V20® Videoscope Inspection System, one of CSECO’s most recent additions to its lineup of contraband-busting tools. Like the leading fiberscopes on the market, the Perfect Vision V20® Videoscope is specially designed for ocular inspections. It also has several features similar to fiberscopes but at the same time has advantageous functions that the fiberscopes do not have.

The Perfect Vision V20® Videoscope is like a fiberscope and digital camera in one, but it comes in one unit which means that you do not need to attach bothersome cables. It has a flexible tungsten-coated shaft, 2-way articulation, bright built-in LED lighting, and long-lasting rechargeable batteries. The shaft is several times more durable than that of the leading fiberscopes, because the Perfect Vision V20® Videoscope doesn’t have the tiny fiberglass optics that are easily breakable and require costly repairs.

One unique part of this videoscope is the 5″ color LCD screen with a push-button digital zoom. The large screen allows the user a “heads-up” ocular inspection while inserting the shaft into smaller and more constricted places such as gas tanks and narrow crevices. This “heads-up” inspection allows officers to stay aware of the happenings around them which improves their safety.

The Perfect Vision V20® Videoscope also has a high-resolution video chip technology which is 10 times that of the leading fiberscopes. This results in clearer and sharper views, more detailed images and videos as well as brighter colors. And the most important is its safety — the Perfect Vision V20® Videoscope is certified safe by the Underwriters Laboratory meaning that it can be used in risky places like gas tanks.

CSECO has recently upgraded its CT-30 Contraband Team Inspection Kit into the CT-40 Contraband Team Inspection Kit primarily due to the replacement of the FV-Series Articulated Fiberscope and the digital camera by the Perfect Vision V20® Videoscope. This kit has all the things that every law enforcement agency needs:

  • Buster K910G Density Meter
  • Perfect Vision V20® Videoscope Inspection System
  • N – Series Inspection Probe Kit
  • Leica Laser Range Meter
  • PM – 10 Extension Inspection with High Intensity Flashlight
  • CT-40 Customer Carrying Case with Wheels

CSECO’s wide range of contraband detection tools will enable law enforcement agencies across the United States to carry out more effective inspections in their quest to keep illegal drugs off the streets.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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