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27 lbs Heroin Found On Route to Salt Lake City, UT

A male and female driving a Ford Focus from Phoenix, AZ to Salt Lake City, UT were stopped by Arizona Department of Public Safety officers in May 2013. The officer used the CSECO Buster K910, the best density meter and contraband detector, during the stop and noted a discrepancy in the readings along the rear panel. Part of the readings was showing a normal reading (low) but the other part of the panel showed extremely high readings.

This led the officer to the exact location in question. The search revealed 27 pounds of Heroin hidden in the rear quarter panels. To access the electronic compartment, the driver had to turn the key on, push the cigarette lighter in, compress the brake, and push a small button under the rubber molding in the cup holder.

Buster K910 Density Meter in use in Utah The Buster K910 density meter is used when there are signs of hidden contraband By using the Buster, contraband detection is possible even in hidden and hard to reach compartments Heroin located with the Buster K910 Density Meter


$427,000 Cash Found in Spare Tire

During the first week of May, 2013, an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer stopped this car hauler and noted some discrepancies with the paperwork, telephone numbers and vehicle registration.

During the search of the car hauler and vehicles, the officer used the CSECO Buster K910, the best density meter and contraband detector, to inspect the vehicles and noted a discrepancy when they inspected the Cadillac Escalade which was on the car hauler. "I used the Buster on the mounted spare tire. The readings were abnormally high. A search of the tire revealed the cash." the officer said. Readings the 20s, as seen in this photo are normal. However, readings in the 60s, like in this photo, are very high and suspect. A closer inspection of the tires allowed the officer to recover the cash which equaled $427,000.

Buster density meter in use on AZ highway AZ law enforcement regularly scans transport vehicles with the Buster contraband detector With the help of the Buster contraband detector, law enforcement locate hidden cash Hidden cash found with the Buster K910 density meter equals $427,000


$44,000 Currency Seizure I-15 S/B near Craig Rd on 10-22-08.

1993 Infinity bearing Arizona registration was stopped for a traffic violation on 10-22-08 at about 2122 hours. Husband, wife and small child in vehicle which did not belong to them. They went to Salt Lake City and were headed back to the Phoenix area when stopped. A consent to search was requested and granted to search the vehicle. A K-9 was deployed with negative results. A hand search using inspection probes led to the discovery of several bundles of U.S. currency concealed within the vehicle's right side rocker panel area.

The vehicle was taken to the NHP garage, where the right front tire well shroud was removed. This revealed an access door that had been cut out and double stick tape was used to keep it in place. Once the access door was taken off, the U.S. currency was removed. The K-9 was re-deployed and alerted to the currency. The driver and passenger disclaimed any knowledge or ownership of the currency and it was seized.

Vehicles are often found to be carrying contraband, CSECO manufactures contraband detection equipment to locate hidden items
Contraband detection probes alert officers of possible contraband CSECO contraband detection inspection probe used to find hidden currency Seized currency was located using CSECO contraband detection equipment

Nevada Highway Patrol


16 Lbs. of Ice & $13,000 in firewall compartment.

On October 7, 2008 a traffic stop was initiated on a 2008 Nissan Titan. The Buster K910G Density Meter read high on the rear interior cab wall and rear seat area. However, tool marks were visible on the front left and right fender bolts, as well as the screws that secured the black plastic shroud in the front tire wells. Once you opened the front doors and inspected the area by the door hinges, expandable foam was visible toward the upper hinges of the door.

We removed the front fenders while on scene and observed more expandable spray foam, which concealed an access door to the firewall area. Once the access door was opened, we observed numerous packages of ICE concealed within the natural void of the firewall area, that extended the entire width of the vehicle.

Contraband detection equipment used on vehicle Buster K910B locates hidden contraband behind foam expandable spray Buster K910B used to find packages of ice Buster K910B contraband detector and density meter helps officers locate illegal drugs

Nevada Highway Patrol


6 Lbs of Ice in front frame rails in engine compartment of a 1996 Infinity Q30 09-29-08 on I-15

Vehicle stopped for traffic and mechanical violations. Driver traveling alone on 2,800 mile round trip to visit ex husband for only two days.  Mentioned that she had been searched before just outside of Nebraska. She also stated that "they always search her vehicle." Requested and was granted consent to search. K-9 was deployed, but did not alert. During hand search, we noticed that the bolts that secured the front bumper bib or decorative outer shell had tool marks and was misaligned.

A closer inspection of the area revealed that the bolts on both end caps of the frame rail also had tool marks. We located a drain hole on the inside section of the frame rail, facing the engine and inserted a long screw driver. When the screwdriver was pulled out, we observed a white powdery substance (masking gent). We then inserted our FO Series Fiberscope into the inspection hole and landed on one of the black electrical taped bundles, but the view was so close, that we could only see what appeared to be layered tape, which was inconsistent with the interior of the frame rail. We then drilled a hole on the top of the frame rail and re-inserted the fiber optic scope and at that point we could clearly see two of the three bundles in the frame rail. Both frame rails had three bundles each.

Drain hole in frame rail allows FO Series Fiberscope to view inside The Fiberscope is often used for contraband detection FO Series Fiberscope reveals drugs hidden in car Bundles of methamphetamines located with contraband detection equipment

DPS / Nevada Highway Patrol
Southern Nevada HIDTA Task Force


Following a routine stop on I – 85N my canine Xena alerted to the positive presence of narcotics. The vehicle was brand new with over $10,000 worth of stereo equipment. We removed a speaker from the speaker box and noticed a depth discrepancy. Using our FO Series Fiberscope we saw several vacuumed sealed packages of cocaine inside a hidden compartment. Sheriff's Office, Lexington County

My partner and I stopped a Chevy Avalanche on S/B I – 15 for a traffic violation. He refused consent and a canine was deployed with positive results. I checked the side bed walls with my Buster K910 and got readings of 56 to 80. The left side door got readings in the 20's. We subsequently removed 66 bundles of cash from the right side… right where the Buster K910 indicated. Over $674,000! Nevada Highway Patrol

A Ford Expedition was stopped for no visible registration in the area of I – 15. During contact with driver and passengers several indicators of criminal activity were noticed. Written and verbal consent to search were obtained, but the canine did not alert. During the search troopers noticed tool marks on the gas tank. When the officers inspected the tank with the FO Series Fiberscope they saw what amounted to 13 packages containing 14,240 grams (31.3 pounds) of cocaine. Nevada Highway Patrol

After pulling over a 1993 F-150 pickup for speeding I noticed the driver was really nervous. I obtained consent to search his vehicle, and scanned it with the Buster K910. When I got readings of 80 instead of the expected 40, I proceeded with a search that yielded 275 pounds of marijuana! Marion County K-9 Officer

I stopped a southbound vehicle on US 281 for a traffic violation and proceeded to receive conflicting stories from the vehicle occupants. Consent to search was granted and I got unusually high readings on the Buster K910 on the rear left panel. When the panel was removed 19 bundles of US currency were hidden inside. Alice Texas Sheriffs Office

Two days after being trained on the CT – 30 kit our major narcotics team asked me to assist them in locating drugs in a truck that had been confiscated. My Buster K910 alerted on the truck's side steps. I used my Fiberscope to look between the body and frame and saw welding heat marks, just like in class. We used a crow bar to pop the side steps and found $200,000 of cash hidden inside. Pomona Police Department

I stopped a Chevrolet Impala for leaving the road and made contact with the driver. The occupants claimed to be heading from New Mexico to Atlanta on vacation, but didn't agree on the length of the vacation. After I obtained consent to search my partner and I noticed screws on the door panels seemed to be touched up with a marker. Upon inspection with my FO Series Fiberscope we discovered 14 kilos of cocaine in the vehicle doors. Jefferson Alabama State Trooper


Homeland Security Uses CSECO Contraband Detection Equipment to locate undeclared hidden currency Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System In Use Buster Density Meter and other Contraband Detection Equipment help officers keep drugs off the streets Law Enforcement Officers Use CSECO’s Contraband Detection Equipment to help them locate hidden contraband

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