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The two grants that have been used to obtain our contraband detection equipment over the last couple of years are the Edward J. Byrne JAG (Justice Agreement Grant) and the Stone Garden grant.

Byrne JAG - JAG stands for Justice Agreement Grant. The Byrne JAG is a national federal grant that just recently became active again. It was a large grant several years ago before getting the funding cut. But, I am now hearing the grant is active again. It typically becomes available for a period of time each year until the funding for the year runs out. This grant has a focus on national security, so mentioning the RAD-AWARE function of the Buster helps with approval. The RAD-AWARE function of the Buster enables the Buster to become a primitive radiation survey meter. If you are the first responder to an incident, you can determine if there is a dangerous level of external radiation present (possibly from a dirty bomb or chemical spill/explosion) in a particular area and move people away from that area to safety prior to the arrival of the Hazmat team.

Operation Stone Garden Grant - This grant favors border states/towns, drug task forces, and states that border international waters. You can talk about the effect on your area from border smuggling from Mexican and Canadian borders. This grant has been the most active grant over the last couple of years. Lots of departments have used this grant to obtain our equipment over the last few years. Here is the link to the grant website.

Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program (THSGP) - Geared towards Tribal law enforcement agencies or any tribe that operates a law enforcement agency. Grant is to help strengthen tribal nations against risks associated with potential terrorist attacks and other hazards.

Discretionary Funding - If you have a HIDTA rep in your area, contact that rep about this fund. Discretionary funds are a yearly fund that has been used to obtain equipment and overtime pay for local departments. I believe the more actively that you are involved with improve your chances of receiving money from the fund. It works similar to the Byrne JAG where the fund is available each year until the money runs out for the year. Other federal agencies like the DEA, Homeland Security Investigations, DHS and FBI also have similar discretionary funds.

We suggest using Google to find other grant sites at which to apply for contraband detection equipment. Since we are not a government or law enforcement agency, we do not have access to the grant websites.



Department of Defense - 1122 Program

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