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Density Meters and Tools Needed to Locate Contraband

Density Meters and Tools Needed to Locate Contraband

Density meters and other contraband detection tools help law enforcement officers locate hidden contraband. Competent members of the police force and law enforcement agencies are highly trained. But even trained officers were not able to detect hidden contraband without potentially dismantling or damaging the items that they are searching prior to the CSECO Buster K910B Density Meter.

Before officers had to physically destroy the parts of an object being scanned — for example, they had to actually remove the car’s gas tanks, often the favorite place for smugglers to hide contraband. While they were in no way certain that the contraband was really stashed in this part of the car, they nevertheless needed to remove the gas tank just to confirm it.

Now, checking the gas tanks and other parts of the car, as well as other objects suspected of carrying hidden contraband, are made easier, less intrusive, and less potentially damaging. Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) provides top-of-the-line contraband detection tools spearheaded by the Buster K910G Density Meter, the company’s flagship product.

The Buster K910G is actually the latest update from the much-beloved Buster K910B, CSECO’s first product. The K910G has retained most of the features of its predecessor while improving on its overall performance and safety.

Like the Buster K910B, the Buster K910G emits a low-intensity gamma radiation and scintillation detector which makes this density meter stand out among its competitors. This technology can scan through objects made of a variety of materials – metal, wood, reinforced plastic, cement, rubber, stone, even organic matter such as water and dirt. In this way, officers who are searching for possible hidden contraband do not have to disassemble parts of the object being inspected.

Wait, if the Buster K910G can scan objects without physically damaging them, how about the accuracy? Well, as far as that is concerned, users do not have to doubt about the Buster’s ability to pinpoint hidden objects because it is guaranteed to be accurate. It is because it works by way of “backscatter radiation.” When the Buster’s trigger is pressed, low-intensity gamma rays are emitted out of the device. The Buster can discern the discrepancies among the densities of the objects. When it detects a density higher than usual — for example, a naturally hollow object that is filled with an item like a car’s tire — the higher levels of gamma radiation will bounce back to the Buster. This is an indication that the contraband is most likely present.

The Buster is also known for its speed, taking four readings per second and the low-intensity gamma radiation can penetrate into the scanned object as deep as six inches. It can detect several kinds of hidden contraband from illegal drugs, cash, alcohol, weapons, and explosives.

With the sophisticated technology that the Buster has, there’s no need for law enforcement agents to physically tear apart the suspected objects that they’re scanning. Highly-trained officers can easily learn to use the Buster since it’s not too complicated to operate. K9 units can detect hidden contraband under objects by sniffing and the Buster will even make the job easier by confirming it.

Plus, the Buster K910G Density Meter is also made safer to use around humans and animals. That’s because the potentially harmful lead components (that were once present in the K910B) are now removed in the K910G. It’s also made more portable and easier to handle, even for law enforcement officers with smaller hands.

Even the most highly trained officers need a durable, reliable, and fast contraband detection meter that will help make their searches faster, more convenient, more accurate, and less destructive. The Buster K910G density meter from CSECO will be the perfect partner for the law enforcement bodies’ continuing the fight against drug trafficking and smuggling.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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