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Contraband and Explosive Detection Equipment

Our Products

Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope Inspection System New Perfect Vision® V20
Inspection System
CT-40 Kit - Contraband Detection Equipment New CT  - 40
Contraband Team 
Detection Kit
CT-30 Kit - Contraband Detection Equipment CT  - 30
Contraband Team 
Detection Kit
Buster K910B Density Meter with "Rad-Aware" Technology Buster K910B 
Density Meter with 
FV-Series Fiberscope / Boroscope FV – Series 
CT-PTK Personal Tool Kit including probes, multipurpose tool and flashlight CT-PTK
Personal Tool Kit
Leica Laser Rangefinder to measure vehicles and locate hidden compartments Leica 
Laser Range Finders

“Having used various scopes over the years, the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope has the clearest image and the most user-friendly options for capturing digital evidence. Most importantly, it’s certified safe for use in fuel tanks. It’s EXCELLENT!”
Detective Shawn Pardazi
Federal Interdiction Taskforce Mississippi

“The CT – 30 Contraband Detection Kit includes everything I need for a quick and thorough inspection of a suspect vehicle of any kind.”
Sergeant Tony Viato
Narcotics Task Force

“This kit can be very useful for the conducting of day-to-day police raids, which require agility and precision with no margin for errors. It would be very interesting if we had our border operations equipped with this type of kit because the amount of contraband seized would really increase. We would consequently also catch new traffickers and smugglers trying to infiltrate the country with these types of materials.”
Integrated Management
Office of Mato Grosso
Testimonial for CT-30
Contraband Detection Kit

“Two days after being trained on the CT-30 kit our major narcotics team asked me to assist them in locating drugs in a truck that had been confiscated. My Buster K910 alerted on the truck's side steps. I used my Fiberscope to look between the body and frame and saw welding heat marks, just like in class. We used a crow bar to pop the side steps and found $200,000 of cash hidden inside.”
Pomona Police Dept
Testimonial on Buster K910B
Density Meter
Contraband Detector

New Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope Inspection System

The experience for PERFECT inspection. The SAFEST way to see. CERTIFIED!

Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO), the worldwide leader in portable contraband detection equipment and the makers of the Buster® K910B Contraband Detector and the CT30 Contraband Team Inspection Kit, is proud to announce the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope Inspection System, the world's first scope safe for use in hazardous locations like fuel tanks.  The Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope is the latest technology in visual inspections is an amazing advancement over the leading fiberscopes many officers use daily for vehicle inspections.  A huge LCD display with crystal CLEAR image, push-button PHOTO/VIDEO CAPTURE (without attachments), digital image ZOOM capability, CHEAPER FASTER REPAIRS (since there are no easily broken fiber optics), and Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope is certified by Underwriters Laboratory as Class 1, Division 2 nonincendive equipment making the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope the safest and most user friendly scope in the industry.  It is perfect for the detailed examination of fuel tanks, car doors and dashboards, concealments, textiles, masonry and hidden spaces of all kinds.

For more detailed information, photos, and videos, please visit the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope page.

CSECO Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope Video 2014

Welcome To CSECO

Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is one of the top companies tasked with supplying density meters and contraband detectors to law enforcement and border patrol agencies in the United States and around the world. As a leading supplier of contraband detection equipment, CSECO has designed and manufactured equipment such as the Buster density meter/contraband detector with Rad-Aware® technology and the new Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope. They also manufacture the new CT-40 Contraband Detection Kit which includes both the "Buster" and the new Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope, CT-30 Contraband Detection Kit which includes both the "Buster" and Fiberscope, as well as other contraband detection equipment needed by law enforcement, all included in one convenient, easy-to-transport case.

The Buster density meter/contraband detector is considered by many to be the "golden standard" in drug interdiction equipment and contraband detection. Contraband detection requirements have changed over the years. In the past, law enforcement was concerned with would-be smugglers transporting drugs or alcohol across state lines. These days, however, there are other threats for which to be concerned. Because of these new threats, the Buster density meter/contraband detector has the new "Rad-Aware" Radiation Safety Feature added! The Buster can be used to detect hidden radioactive materials such as dirty bombs, or to establish a safe perimeter for first responders to potential terrorist events.

Anthony "Tony" Harris, President and CEO, Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company

CSECO President and CEO Anthony "Tony" Harris Recently Appointed to Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. Board of Directors. Click here to read the full article.

Training Available

   Free Training – Superior Concealment Detection, Arizona

Free interdiction and CSECO equipment training
   Superior Concealment Detection, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We offer a variety of training opportunities at our location, at your location or at state and local law enforcement agency trade shows. This type of presentation allows law enforcement officers to see, feel and watch each density meter and contraband detector in use as well as how to effectively use each one for a variety of drug interdiction or contraband detection applications. Instruction also includes the proper usage of CSECO's CT-30 Buster Kit components in order to conduct more successful contraband and drug interdiction searches.

CSECO designs and manufactures portable contraband detection equipment designed to provide exactly what every law enforcement officer responsible for smuggling interdiction needs. Our products were developed and tested with actual field officers and have been for over 25 years. As technology changes, we will continue to get feedback from actual end-users for our products to ensure they meet or exceed their contraband detection needs.

Our Mission
At CSECO, our mission is to eliminate the distribution of illegal drugs that continue to ravage our communities, as well as reduce the risk of loss of life from the transport of dirty bombs, explosives and illegal weapons.  We keep this mission, these goals, in mind with each contraband detector we design and manufacture. Unlike some of our competitors, and because we take this mission so seriously, we sell exclusively to qualified federal, state, local and international law enforcement agencies only.


V20 Videoscope Interview.
Press Release
September 2015

 CSECO Demonstrates Density Meter during Recent Promotion in Chile

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The Density Meter Trusted by Customs and Border Protection Agents

 The Buster K910B Density Meter from Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is considered the "gold standard" in density meters and contraband detecting tools.

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This Density Meter Finds Contraband Easily

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