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The Density Meter That Made Contraband Detection Easier

The Density Meter That Made Contraband Detection Easier

Imagine you had been working as a drug interdiction agent or an inspector about 40 years ago when contraband detection tools were unheard of because they didn’t exist. For instance, inspecting a regular-sized car that had been suspected of carrying contraband was already a challenge. You had to use rudimentary, low-tech tools, or rely on your hand’s sense of touch as well as your intuition in hopes of locating hidden contraband.

Or, you had to take a rather aggressive approach: forcibly tearing down and removing parts of a car such as the upholstery, a dashboard or a gas tank, in hopes in confirming your suspicions whether the contraband was hidden or not. Not only did it take a lot of time, it was also a big hassle and there was little or no assurance that the vehicle was hiding anything suspicious. You would most likely end up becoming liable for damaging one’s property!

But that was about to change. When Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) was founded, it made it its mission to make inspections for concealed narcotics and contraband a lot faster, more efficient and most of all, able to bring concrete and positive results. And so, company founder Patrick J. Campbell developed and created a contraband detection tool, along with the direct assistance and input from no less than the Customs and Border Protection. That tool would turn out to be the Buster K910B density meter, which used the most sophisticated technology to detect the presence of a contraband inside an object.

The Buster K910B used the low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector to quickly scan vehicles, furniture, vessels, or structures, within only a matter of minutes. For instance, the Buster can help scan an entire vehicle within five minutes, or an average-sized room within 10 minutes.

The low-intensity gamma rays can penetrate the materials being examined up to six inches deep. The rays bounce back to the Buster, which in turn starts to determine the density readings, and this manner is called the “backscatter technology.” Once the Buster positively identifies the unusual levels of density of the suspected object, it is a likely indication that the contraband is indeed present inside that object. The Buster will alert the user with its audible alarm and visual readout.

The Buster facilitates contraband detection because you do not need to second-guess where the contraband is hidden. You do not also need to dismantle parts of a vehicle, tear down walls, or destroy a furniture or anything else to confirm whether a contraband is stuffed inside.

There are contraband detectors that use other technology such as microwave, millimeter wave, radio wave, or ultraviolet wave technology, but their scanning capabilities are always limited. The Buster, on the other hand, can detect several types of hidden items such as narcotics, cash, jewelry, weapons and many kinds of explosives. It can identify these items through many materials – wood, metal, reinforced plastic, masonry and even dirt. Truly, you can say that the Buster can almost do it all!

The Buster is responsible for the seizure of millions of dollars’ worth of narcotics (such as heroin and cocaine), marijuana and many other kinds of illegal substances from countless inspections and drug busts. It has also helped law enforcement officers in detecting and seizing millions of dollars’ worth of cash that they usually discover in vehicles during checkpoint and border security inspections. Because of the overwhelmingly positive results that the Buster has brought, it is considered by most law enforcement and governmental bodies as the “gold standard” of contraband detection.

If you think that the Buster K910B is the best contraband detection tool, CSECO has made it even better with the Buster K910G. This latest version of the Buster is still the same in terms of the technology it uses and functionality – still the low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector. But the K910G is made even safer because of two things:

  • It is now devoid of lead-based components.
  • Its radioactive source (7.5 curie Barium 133 source) is now 25% less than that of the competing density meters on the market.

The newest updates of the Buster have made it the safest and most environmentally-friendly density meter on the market! No other density meter is considered as safe as the Buster is – you will be confident to use it anytime, anywhere, even in hazardous areas.

The Buster K910G also comes with a two-year warranty – this is how confident CSECO is in its product!

Drug interdiction and anti-smuggling operations have come a long way, thanks to technology! CSECO has taken great advantage of it by developing products, such as the Buster density meter, that aim to make contraband detection easier than ever before.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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