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Narcotics Detection – Using Technology in the War on Drugs

Narcotics Detection – Using Technology in the War on Drugs

Everyone has heard of the ‘war on drugs,’ but what is it and how is it waged? CSECO is at the forefront of the ‘war on drugs’ by providing narcotics detection equipment that will locate illegal drugs being transported into or around the country. The Buster K910B density buster, along with other drug interdiction equipment, also detects other types of contraband.

The ‘war on drugs” describes the United States’ initiative to discourage the transport, distribution and consumption of illegal drugs. It began unofficially during the late 1920s with alcohol and continues with other drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin being included.

The borders of the country are major fronts on the ‘war on drugs.’ US Customs and Border Patrol agents use a dog trained to sniff out narcotics, but once the dog has indicated the presence of narcotics technology takes over. The officers may use narcotics detection equipment such as the CSECO Buster K910B density meter, CT-30 Contraband Detection Team Kit or the FV Series Fiberscope.

The CSECO Buster K910B, or “Buster” for short, is often one of the first tools Customs Agents and local law enforcement officers reach for if there is an indication of illegal contraband. The Buster is considered by many to be the ‘gold standard’ in narcotics detection because it is safe and tested over 30 years in nearly every possible environment. US Customs, federal, state and local law enforcement personnel know that they can depend on the Buster to be easy to use, effective and dependable every time.

State Troopers and local law enforcement that have been trained in drug interdiction will also use equipment such as the CT-30 Kit which includes a variety of stainless steel probes with grooves designed to trap contraband when inserted into upholstery, sacks, flower beds, etc. The kit also contains a Fiberscope which is a small, flexible tool that allows agents and officers to see inside small areas and get a detailed examination. Officers use the Fiberscope to search fuel tanks, car doors, dashboards and hidden spaces within a vehicle. Since the Fiberscope has fiber optic lights and a video camera, officers are able to see places where normally they could not.

Although the Global Commission on Drug Policy declared the ‘war on drugs’ to be a failure, US Customs and Border Patrol, state and local law enforcement continue to fight to keep illegal drugs off the streets and technology plays a large role in their detection. Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company will continue to develop and manufacture narcotics detection and drug interdiction equipment. These tools will enable the US Customs and Border Patrol and law enforcement officers across the nation to detect drugs being smuggled into or around the country and keep the drugs off the streets.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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