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Density Meter: Depending Upon the Audible and Visual Alerts

Density Meter: Depending Upon the Audible and Visual Alerts

Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is the brains behind the world’s first density meter, the Buster K910B or simply “Buster.” It was CSECO’s first product at the time the company was established in 1984.

CSECO founder Patrick J. Campbell had 35 years of experience with manufacturing tools that utilized the radioactive technology. He was asked by the US government to create a contraband detecting tool with the end users in mind. He collaborated with agents from the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) who provided assistance with what was needed as well as ways it could be made easier for the end user to use. Together they came up with the Buster K910B. Since the Buster was introduced, there have been many imitations but it is still the most recommended contraband detection tool by many law enforcement agencies across the world.

The Buster emits a low-intensity gamma radiation and scintillation detector, which provides many benefits to the user. Officers are able to scan quickly using the Buster — it takes an average of four readings per second. It can do a thorough scanning on a vehicle within 5 minutes, and an average-sized room within 10 minutes — and will provide accurate and relevant results. The Buster as cans scan on various materials such as wood, metal, reinforced plastic, concrete, rubber, and many others. The amazing capabilities of the Buster cannot be matched by other contraband detectors that use microwave, millimeter wave, radio wave and ultraviolet wave.

In an effort to combat the spread of the harmful radioactive release, CSECO has also added the RAD-Aware® technology feature to the Buster. This technology allows the inspectors to detect abnormal quantities of radioactive materials. Once the Buster has identified them, they will be able to establish safety zones and keep other agents and civilians out of harm’s way.

The Buster features both audible and visual alerts. The audible alert will sound off the moment the Buster receives an abnormal reading of an object’s density. This is an indication that contraband may likely be hidden under that object. Just how loud is the Buster’s audible alert? Well, under normal circumstances the Buster is loud enough to be heard. For example, officers use the Buster to inspect a suspected vehicle beside some road or highway. If there are very few or no cars passing by, the Buster’s audible alert can be heard. If there are a lot of cars, however, the Buster can be harder to hear. Officers don’t have to worry about this, though, because the Buster comes with a headset which can be worn whenever the scene tends to be too noisy.

Press the “mode” button while holding the Buster against the surface of the scanning area and the audible mode will be activated. When the mode button is pressed, the Buster will set itself to the current readings of the surface.

As for the visual readouts, they change every second. As implied before, the Buster takes four readings every second. What you can see on the LCD screen is the visual number, which is an average of those four readings. There are no other visual clues shown on the LCD.

The Buster K910B Density Meter is the most widely used, recommended, and trusted tool to detect contraband and narcotics by several law enforcement agencies, anti-drug unit officers, and the CBP agents. It is durable, accurate, dependable, and safe to use. For more information about this density meter and the other contraband detection equipment by CSECO, contact CSECO at 510-864-8010 or

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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