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Which Inspection Videoscope is the Best?

Which Inspection Videoscope is the Best?

Density meters used to be the main weapon for locating hidden contraband. Now, law enforcement agents have more options to make their inspections more accurate, productive, and increasing results by using a variety of tools including the inspection videoscope.

The visual inspection tools are a great addition to the arsenals of drug-busting law enforcement agents. The first known tools of this kind are fiberscopes which are used for inspecting inaccessible places like the crevices on the walls and fuel tanks. These fiberscopes feature an eyepiece to enable the user to look into the suspected area, a fiber optic bundle, and a high-intensity light for use in dark places. However, some fiberscopes also feature an infrared lighting for “stealth” inspections.

As time and technology advanced, these factors paved the way to make contraband inspections and crime fighting much more sophisticated than ever before. Videoscopes are among the latest in visual inspection technology, and since their introduction to the wider market, many manufacturers have come up with their own versions of videoscopes. While fiberscopes are still being widely used, many users now prefer to use videoscopes as they are able to bring them better results.

When talking about one manufacturer of videoscopes that law enforcement officers can trust and truly depend on no matter the situation, there’s only one name for it: Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO).

CSECO is the home of the world-famous Buster density meter. The company also offers a wide array of other tools like the FV Series Fiberscope (which can be purchased as it is or as part of the CT-30 Contraband Team Detection Kit). CSECO knew, however, that the fiberscope had limitations and upped the visual inspection game with their introduction of the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System. Since its launch, it has earned many new users who have continued to heap praises on it.

Why is this so? Is it the features? Is it’s efficiency? Is its ease of use? Or is it it’s safety? The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope can be all of them.

Since it is a one-piece visual inspection tool, you won’t need to attach cables or any other accessories, so you can carry and use it with relative ease. Its large, multi-directional high-resolution LCD display is another feature that sets the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope apart from the leading fiberscopes. Instead of peeking through the eyepiece of the fiberscope, you will be able to better see what you’re inspecting by just looking at the Perfect Vision V20 Fiberscope’s large monitor. It leads to better visibility, plus less eye fatigue for the user.

The LCD display also features a push-button dimming and digital zoom that provides a resolution that’s 10 times of the resolution of the leading fiberscopes, helping you to see more clearly what you’re inspecting. You’ll also be able to record photo and video evidence by saving them to the SD card which can be inserted into the slot of the videoscope.

This videoscope’s long, thin, and flexible articulating shaft is durable and fuel-resistant due to the tungsten coating. Another great thing about this videoscope is the absence of glass fibers that are usually found in most leading fiberscopes. Therefore, it is less likely to be damaged even after frequent use, unlike fiberscopes which are more to prone to breakage and thus require frequent repairs.

But what users love most about our Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope is its safety. The Underwriters Laboratory has certified the videoscope as “safe” as Class I, Division 2 non-incendive equipment as it has successfully passed the UL safety standards. Law enforcement agents do not have to worry when they use the Perfect Vision even in high-risk areas like gas tanks, as it won’t cause ignition, short circuit, or malfunction to the tool itself or the areas being inspected. Therefore the videoscope, under such circumstances, won’t cause harm or injury to the user.

With all the factors stated, you may not have to second-guess which inspection videoscope is the best on the market. CSECO’s Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System has the features law enforcement want — the latest technology, high performance, efficiency, durability, reliability, and safety.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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