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Which Density Meter Is Safest for the Environment?

Which Density Meter Is Safest for the Environment?

There are a lot of density meters on the market, but how many of them are considered durable, reliable, accurate, user-friendly and, most of all, safe?

The Buster K910B Density Meter is the flagship product of Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO). Many local, state, and national government agencies consider the Buster to be the “gold standard” among density meters available.

Before discussing the safety aspect of the Buster density meter, what makes it the “gold standard” of density meters? Well, look at the sophisticated technology that the Buster has. It uses a low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector which allows for quick, versatile, and accurate scanning, as well as identifying different types of contraband. It can scan through a variety of materials that include wood, metal, reinforced plastic, stone, and even organic matter such as dirt and water.

Just how quick is the Buster? It picks up four readings per second and the gamma radiation penetrates into the object being scanned as deeply as six inches. The Buster is accurate in identifying whether an object has normal density or if something may have been stuffed inside it. It is because of the Buster’s “backscatter radiation.” When the Buster’s trigger is pressed, the gamma radiation beams out of the device. Once it detects an object has an abnormally high density (for example, a hollow item such as a tire which is stuffed with something inside), the higher levels of gamma rays beam back to the Buster. This action gives a clear indication that the likelihood of a contraband hidden inside that object is most likely. The Buster produces an auditory alert as well as alerting the user visually on the hand-held monitor.

As said before, the Buster can detect various types of contraband. They include narcotics, illegal and prescribed drugs, currency, jewelry, alcohol, any kind of weapon, and explosives. Even items that generally may not be thought of as contraband, such as cigarettes, are found if hidden in a vehicle transporting them illegally.

One of the technologies added to the Buster is the “RAD-Aware” technology which detects radiation. It allows the inspectors, or first responders, to establish safety zones in case of a dirty-bomb detonation or other harmful radioactive leaks.

The fight against narcotics, illegal drugs, smuggling as well as possible radioactive detonation is often a risky one. That’s why the Buster K910B has been upgraded to Buster K910G, which is now made the safest possible density meter — for the user, for the other people around, as well as for the animals such as the police K9 units, and for the whole environment.

The Buster K910B has internal lead-based components which are a potential hazard to one’s health and environment. These lead-based parts have now been removed in the newer Buster K910G, while still maintaining its superior performance like the Buster K910B.

The Buster K910G also has a 7.5 micro curie Barium 133 source, which is 25% or more or less than that of rival density meters.

Even though it can detect abnormal quantities of radiation, the Buster will remain safe for handling and operation.

So, now you know which density meter is safest for the user and the environment. Trust nothing other than the world’s first contraband detecting density meter, the Buster Density Meter from CSECO.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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