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Which Density Meter Is Best for Drug Interdiction?

Which Density Meter Is Best for Drug Interdiction?

The war on drugs may not make the big headlines today as it did decades ago, but it doesn’t mean that the number of drug-related incidents has decreased. It is still an immense challenge for the US law enforcement, particularly the drug interdiction agents who still make sure that narcotics and illegal drugs are taken off the streets.

As the criminals have gotten more clever in transporting narcotics across the border, it calls for a tool that will help these agents in locating and seizing contraband quickly and efficiently. They are also looking for a tool that is safe to use under various circumstances.

These days, a small number of manufacturers are also emphasizing that the tools should also be safe for the agents to use. Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is one of these manufacturers who have proven that their contraband and narcotics detection equipment are not only durable, accurate and efficient in locating hidden contraband, but also safe.

CSECO is well-known for the Buster density meter. It was developed by CSECO founder Patrick J. Campbell with significant assistance and input from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers during the 1980s. Together, they tested the equipment on the field to ensure that it would meet the highest standards.

Do you wonder what makes the Buster effective? It effectiveness lies in the technology itself. The low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector help to quickly identify items that are hidden inside various materials such as wood, metal, reinforced plastic or even dirt. You do not have to take apart areas of the vehicle or tear down walls to determine whether the contraband is hidden in them – until it is positively confirmed.

The Buster can detect various hidden items that include narcotics, cash, weapons, and other contraband. Its “backscatter radiation technology” helps in detecting whether the suspected object has abnormal density levels – such as a hollow object like a car tire that is carrying something inside.

Safety is more than just important to drug interdiction agents, that’s why they need equipment that is safe for them to use no matter the situation. And CSECO has responded to their needs by updating the original Buster K910B to the Buster K910G. In terms of functionality, the Buster K910G is the same as its predecessor – still using the low-intensity gamma radiation emitter, scintillation detector and the “backscatter technology” that make the Buster so effective in locating hidden drugs and other contraband.

What’s new about the Buster K910G is that it is now safer to use compared to Buster K910B. The K910G now has no lead-based components, and its radioactive source – 7.5 micro curie Barium 133 – is now 25% smaller when compared to rival density meters. This makes the Buster K910G the safest density meter yet!

The Buster is the density meter that much of the law enforcement agencies in the US use. When you know that the Customs and Border Protection is one of the architects behind the Buster, then you’ll know that it is a reliable and trusted product.

Unlike other density meters that are sold by third-party resellers from our competitors, you can purchase the Buster straight from us at CSECO. It means you’ll get it straight from the source that has reliable knowledge of the product, and you will have more flexibility in dealing with us when you purchase it. Not only does CSECO offer on-site training for those purchasing the Buster, it’s also where you would send a Buster if it ever needed maintenance.

In over 30 years of existence since its launch, the Buster has been instrumental in helping detect, seize and recover millions of dollars’ worth of smuggled narcotics such as heroin, meth, and codeine, marijuana, and other kinds of illegal substances. These drug busts have also led to the arrests of hundreds of offenders who have attempted to transport these substances across the border.

Apart from the sophisticated technology and improved safety features, the proven success of the Buster K910G has long been its main selling point to highlight how effective it really is. The Buster is truly the best density meter for drug interdiction.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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