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Which Contraband Kit is Best?

Which Contraband Kit is Best?

Which Contraband Kit is Best?

Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is the top provider of contraband detection devices for law enforcement bodies in the US and also around the world. It is primarily known for the Buster density meter and contraband detector, which has been instrumental in the seizure of billions of dollars’ worth of mostly narcotics and cash, as well as the arrests of the smugglers.

The latest version of the Buster, the Buster K910G, has significantly improved especially in terms of safety. It is free from lead-based components (unlike the previous Buster K910B) and its radioactive source is not at 25% smaller than its closest competitors, making it the best density meter on the market.

You can purchase the Buster on its own or as part of the two CSECO contraband detection kits – the CT-30 Contraband Team Kit and the CT-40 Contraband Team Kit. So, what does each of these contraband kits contain and what is the difference between them?

CT-30 Contraband Team Kit

The CT-30 Contraband Team Kit was CSECO’s first contraband detection kit. Initially, it contained the Buster K910B, but is now replaced by the improved Buster K910G. Here are the following contents of the CT-30 kit:

  • Buster K910G density meter and contraband detector – it is considered the ‘gold standard’ of contraband detection tools.
  • FV-Series Fiberscope – it is used in conjunction with the Buster. It has a long, flexible, and fuel-resistant fiberscope with a two-way articulated tip and a built-in light source that permits detailed inspection of the normally inaccessible areas (such as fuel tanks). Like all fiberscopes, the FV-Series Fiberscope has an eyepiece at one end and lens on the other end.
  • PN-Series Inspection Probe Kit – it contains stainless steel probes with grooves designed to trap contraband when inserted into upholstery, sacks, flower beds, etc.
  • Leica Laser Range Meter – a measuring device used to find false walls, bulkheads, and hidden compartments in truck beds, freight containers, railroad cars and other spaces with known dimensions.
  • PM-10 Extension Inspection Mirror with High-Intensity Flashlight – it allows inspectors to examine the underside or on top of certain vehicles (such as trucks) and containers.
  • CT-30 Customer Carrying Case with Wheels

CT-40 Contraband Team Kit

The CT-40 Contraband Team Kit contains almost the same items as the CT-30, with the exception of the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope:

  • Buster K910G density meter and contraband detector
  • Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System – it is a videoscope consisting of a large, five-inch multi-directional color LCD monitor with push-button digital zoom and photo/video image capture capabilities, and a long, flexible, fuel-resistant shaft with two-way articulated tip with a built-in light source that permits examination of fuel tanks, dashboards, etc.
  • PN-Series Inspection Probe Kit
  • Leica Laser Range Meter
  • PM-10 Extension Inspection Mirror with High-Intensity Flashlight
  • CT-40 Customer Carrying Case with Wheels

Both CT-30 and CT-40 detection kits are available on CSECO to provide specific contraband detection needs of police, border patrol agents, and drug interdiction officers.

Of the two, the CT-40 has surpassed the CT-30 as the most popular kit. Officers appreciate the vast improvements of the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope over any fiberscope that is available. There are previous customers of the CT-30 kits replacing them with the newer CT-40 kits. If they are using both, it’s because the CT-30 they previously purchased and used is still in working condition.

But both CT-40 and CT-30 kits are excellent tools in the field. The FV-Series Fiberscope is still popular and widely used in the US and especially overseas.

CSECO knows what law enforcement needs to combat drug trafficking and smuggling, that is why it offers a variety of options to help them accomplish their duties. Whichever contraband kit they choose, both the CT-30 and CT-40 kits are guaranteed to allow for longer inspections that are more effective and productive when searching for hidden contraband.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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