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The Buster Is the Best Density Meter for Detection of Contraband

The Buster Is the Best Density Meter for Detection of Contraband

The Buster density meter is the first and still the best-known product from Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO). If ever you are looking for the best density meter for your contraband detection needs, you may as well want to see the reasons why the Buster is the device that delivers.

So how did the Buster come to be?

Through the Buster, CSECO prides itself of its years-long experience and expertise when it comes to the technology for measuring an object’s density – which has proven to be valuable for the law enforcement agencies. The company’s founder, Patrick J. Campbell already had over 35 years of experience with developing and designing tools that utilized the radioactive technology around the time he invented the Buster.

Before the Buster though, Campbell had developed an earlier device which implemented the same technology as the Buster.

Campbell had developed, designed, and perfected such technology dating back to his creation of the soil gauge. He invented the soil gauge which was designed to measure the mass and density of the soil to determine if it was safe to build railroad tracks and roads based off those measurements.

While designing and developing the soil gauge, Campbell utilized a complicated technology which dealt with a radioactive source and made it simple for a regular person to use successfully. This is the reason why his invention became hugely successful, and that paved the way to the creation of the Buster years later.

As to the creation of the Buster, Campbell was asked by the US government to create a contraband detection tool with the end user in mind. He then went to work with the “end users” – US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents – who helped and significant contribution to ensure that the Buster would work as it was intended: to detect hidden narcotics and other forms of contraband effectively and accurately.

What is the Buster density made of?

The Buster density meter features a low intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector to scan vehicles, structures or any other suspicious-looking objects quickly, but accurately. As you scan the Buster over the object, the low intensity gamma rays can penetrate that object as deep as six inches. Its “back-scatter” technology allows the rays to bounce back towards the Buster, which in turn establishes the density readings. The higher the density readings, the more likely indication that something is stuffed inside that object (for instance, an item hidden inside a hollow object such as a spare tire).

Buster’s use of this type of technology has made it highly successful. Since its launch, it has been responsible for the detection and seizure of billions of dollars’ worth of narcotics, illegal substances, cash, weapons and explosives.

Another part of the Buster’s success is its user-friendly features. It both has visual and audible readouts to alert officers to the presence of contraband. While anyone can use the Buster, additional training will help them yield more positive and productive results. CSECO also provides training to clients, in and outside of the US, who has purchased the Buster. For more information, go to this link:

In recent years CSECO has enhanced its features to bolster its functionality and make it even safer for the users and the environment. First, the company added the RAD-Aware, a radiation detection feature that helps an inspector (the first responder) to establish safety limits for the other officers as well as civilians in an event of a dirty bomb or any radioactive release.

CSECO upgraded the Buster from the first K910B to the latest, the K910G. The company built safety features around the K910G, which included the removal of lead-based components (which exist in the K910B) as well as the reduction of the radioactive source, which now has 7.50 microcuries or .28MBq. Which means that Buster’s radioactive source is now 25% smaller than its closest competitor, making the device the safest and the most environmentally-friendly density meter on the market.

CSECO is undoubtedly proud of the Buster and its contributions to keep drugs and smuggling off the streets, for over 30 years. With its solid background, proven record as well as acclaims and recommendations from clients, the Buster is indeed the best density meter for contraband detection.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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