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The Buster Density Meter: Tested and Proven

The Buster Density Meter: Tested and Proven

Buster Density Meter, the ‘gold standard’ in contraband detection

When quality and performance is concerned, you can never go wrong with the Buster Density Meter, the flagship product from Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO).

During the 1980s, the Buster was developed and designed by CSECO founder Patrick J. Campbell, with significant input from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents. These CBP agents tested the prototype on the field before it would be allowed for commercial release. This was to ensure that the Buster would be effective in detecting and locating items – like narcotics or cash – that were hidden, stored, or buried.

The Buster uses the low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector which allows for quick detection and location of hidden contraband like narcotics, illegal substances, currency, jewelry, weapons, and explosives.

The CBP agents are hard at work inspecting vehicles that pass the US borders every single day. The Buster’s technology allows them to inspect every vehicle within five minutes. Its rapid but accurate density level readings allow the agents to quickly inspect from one vehicle to the next.

Another great thing about using the Buster is that it enables the user to determine whether a suspect vehicle tests positive for hidden contraband without removing or dismantling its parts. That’s because Buster’s gamma rays can penetrate into the object as deep as six inches to search for any signs of an item hidden beneath it.

Since its introduction, the Buster has been hailed as the “gold standard” in contraband detection. Despite the accolades and recommendations, CSECO was still hard at work on how to improve Buster’s features. First there came the addition of the RAD-Aware technology, a radiation detection feature that allows first responders to establish safe perimeters in the event of a dirty bomb or any other radioactive release.

Not much later, CSECO then launched the updated version of the Buster, the Buster K910G Density Meter. It still has much of the same technology as the previous model K910B, but CSECO has made it safer by removing all of the lead-based components that are present in the K910B. The Buster K910G’s radioactive source is now 25% smaller than the competing density meters, making it the safest and most environmentally-friendly density meter on the market. In addition, the Buster is equipped with the USNRC exempt license, which also means that it can be safely disposed of after its radiation label has been removed.

Since its launch to the public, the Buster has been responsible for billions of dollars’ worth of confiscated illegal substances, narcotics. and cash. Most of which was detected and located in vehicles passing through the borders of the United States.

With its long history, proven track record, safety features, and the CBP involvement in its creation, the Buster Density Meter is undoubtedly the most widely used, trusted, and recommended density meter by the majority of law enforcement agencies not only in the US, but also in most countries of the world as well.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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