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The Buster Density Meter Helps Law Enforcement Find Contraband

The Buster Density Meter Helps Law Enforcement Find Contraband

Tackling drugs and smuggling is still considered an uphill battle, so to speak. But modern technology, thankfully, has brought some of the most sophisticated tools like the Buster Density Meter that law enforcers need in their everyday operations of inspecting and seizing contraband.

This is a far cry from thirty, forty years ago when police and law enforcement agents had to make do with insufficient tools while trying to locate hidden contraband. For instance, they had to manually remove parts of a vehicle such as taking away the cushioning. That was a long, arduous process, while there was no guarantee whether the suspected contraband was tucked away. If there was actually nothing to be found in that vehicle later on, the officers would become even liable for the damages.

But today, officers won’t have to go through these inconveniences as Campbell/Harris Security Equipment (CSECO) applies a combination of high technology and ingenuity to develop sophisticated contraband detection tools such as their flagship product, the Buster K910G Density Meter, the successor of the much-beloved Buster K910B Density Meter.

CSECO founder Patrick J. Campbell was asked to develop reliable, accurate, and durable density meter and contraband detection equipment with the end users in mind. He worked with a group of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents — who would be the end users — to help him develop the contraband detection tool.

Campbell and the CBP agents’ fruitful collaboration resulted in a density meter that was designed for the benefit, convenience, and safety of the end users. In addition, that density meter proved to bring positive results in every inspection for possible hidden contraband.

Nowadays, the Buster is considered by most law enforcement agencies across the country as the “gold standard” in the density meters/contraband detection equipment.

A large part that makes for the Buster’s phenomenal success is its sophisticated and advanced technology. It emits a low-intensity gamma radiation and scintillation detector. The Buster’s use of this technology enables CBP agents and other law enforcement officers to scan through many types of surface including wood, metal, reinforced plastic, ceramic, rubber, concrete, and items made of different materials. The Buster even has the ability to scan organic matter such as dirt and soil. Yes, the Buster is also water-proof and can be used in damp and wet conditions.

The very technology also allows for fast scanning. It picks up four readings per second and the scanning and inspection can be done in just a matter of minutes — depending on the size and the breadth of the objects being scanned. Using the Buster, scanning and inspection on an average-sized vehicle can be done within five minutes and on an average-sized room within ten minutes.

The Buster’s low-intensity gamma radiation penetrates deep into the inspected area. Its “backscatter radiation” helps the agents to indicate that the density of an object being scanned has an abnormal level of density, e.g., a hollow object such as a tire which may have something stuffed inside it.

All of these wonderful features of the Buster enable the CBP agents and other interdiction officers to perform inspections quickly, conveniently, effectively, and safely. There is no need to use screwdrivers, hammers, knives, flashlights, etc. to tear down void objects being inspected, minimizing the likelihood of property damage. The Buster speeds up inspections and enables officers to identify whether or not there’s hidden contraband inside those objects.

The K910G has undergone several improvements from the K910B. First, the K910G is equipped with 7.5 micro curie source, which means the K910G is 25% smaller than its competitors. Plus, the K910G is now devoid of the lead-based internal components, making the Buster safer for humans, animals (such as K9 units), and the environment.

The Buster Density Meter is extremely helpful for the hardworking, dedicated men and women of law enforcement as they continue to fight against drug trafficking and smuggling of any kind.

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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