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CSECO CT-40 Kit Announced in Law Enforcement Product News

CSECO CT-40 Kit Announced in Law Enforcement Product News

The Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company’s (CSECO) CT-40 Contraband Team Detection Kit is listed in the July/August issue of Law Enforcement Product News. The digital magazine, affiliated with, is 32 pages of tools and equipment law enforcement officers around the country use on a daily basis. It also includes other information the officers will find helpful. This article explains what was in the Law Enforcement Product News write-up.

The CT-40 Contraband Team Detection Kit, also known as the CT-40, was released in February of 2014. It replaces the CT-30 Contraband Team Detection Kit which had been in use for many years by law enforcement officers and governmental agencies. The CT-30 kit included the Buster K910B Series Contraband Detector and Density Meter, the FO-Series Articulated Fiberscope, the PN-Series Inspection Probe Kit, along with other contraband detection equipment.

The CT-40 kit includes most of the same equipment; however the upgrade is replacement of the FO-Series Fiberscope with the one-piece Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System. CSECO listens to its customers and puts what they hear into practice. When they heard that officers would like a fiberscope that was safer to use, and more user-friendly, the CSECO team went to work. The result was the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope. It provides the latest technology for making visual inspections and is the only videoscope that has been certified safe by the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) for use in hazardous locations. These could include gasoline or diesel fuel systems and tanks.

Any federal, state or local law enforcement agency that purchases the CT-40 Kit will receive the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope as part of the kit. Although the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope has many of the same features as the fiberscopes in the CT-30 kit, it is vastly improved. It still has a flexible Tungsten armored shaft (2mx6mm) that includes 2-way articulation. It also retains the LED lighting that is powerful and built into the shaft, as well as maintaining long-lasting rechargeable batteries that will enable officers to complete their inspections. What has changed is the addition of a 5″ color LCD screen which allows for one-piece operation. Officers no longer need attachments which made the FO-Series fiberscope cumbersome and sometimes difficult to use. The 5″ color display also reduces eye fatigue officers had experienced when using fiberscopes with small eyepieces.

Another issue officers indicated about the FO-Series Fiberscope was that they were not able to stay visually aware of things going on around them because they had to keep their head down looking into the viewfinder during the inspection – something that the officers felt was a safety concern. The larger LCD display allows them to keep their heads up so they are aware.

The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope also has push-button digital zoom (3.5x) and digital photo/video capability which means officers do not need to use a camera attachment. Everything is included on this one piece of contraband detection equipment. Officers are able to take both photographs and high-resolution video during the inspection. The resolution is ten times better than any other fiberscope available and it offers brighter colors, a clearer view, and images that have much more detail which allows them to confirm the presence of contraband during the inspection rather than having to wait until the inspection is over to review the videotape.

Most importantly, CSECO wanted to resolve the issue of the officer’s safety. CSECO President Tony Harris indicated that their team worked closely with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to ensure the “Perfect Vision V20 Videscope is safe for use in hazardous locations like fuel tanks.” He stated, “We want our users to feel confident they can use the videoscope as they always have their fiberscopes.” However, no other videoscope or fiberscope has been certified safe like the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope, and CSECO is very proud of this designation.

Damaune Journey, the Director of Global Business Development at CSECO, had this to say, “The CT-40 will provide everything officers have come to love about the CT-30, and then some. If you found the fiberscope useful just wait until you use the Perfect Vision Videoscope.”

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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