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Choosing a Density Meter Among Those Available

Choosing a Density Meter Among Those Available

Choosing a Density Meter Among Those Available

Stiff competition among manufacturers and companies has resulted in the emergence of different kinds of density meter for law enforcement and drug interdiction. The great thing about the availability of density meters today is that it leaves choices for the customers. The flipside though, is that it may bring some uncertainty for customers, leading them to question, “Which density meter is really the best?”

The choice of a density meter depends on the customers, especially if they know what they want and why they need it.

Often, smugglers cleverly hide contraband in normally inaccessible areas such as gas tanks, tires, between walls and any kind of hollow spaces. It’s because they know that direct inspection won’t be possible without dismantling the parts, which can take a lot of time and may cause irreversible damage. If police officers and border patrol agents need quick, thorough, hassle-free, accurate, and safe inspections for hidden contraband, then they should choose a density meter with features which are complete – features that seem to be “tailored” to their needs.

While there are many available density meters on the market, consumers know which brand to trust. Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is at the forefront of the contraband detection industry. It has been the leading supplier of contraband detection tools since the very beginning. The company’s fame primarily rests on their flagship product, the Buster density meter, which first emerged as the company was established during the 1980s. However, other products from CSECO such as the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System, have been enjoying praises and recommendations from many law enforcement agencies across the country.

The Buster density meter was designed and developed by CSECO founder Patrick J. Campbell with significant input and testing contributed by agents from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Now, knowing that one of the major law enforcement agencies in the country contributed to the creation of the Buster, you know that this will be an effective and reliable density meter. You cannot name any other density meter with such distinction and “seal of approval” from the CBP.

Inspecting objects, like vehicles passing through the border, can be quite a drag sometimes especially when using density meters that are a bit too heavy to be held by one hand, or too light that it has become somewhat flimsy. The Buster density meter weighs 2 kilograms (0.9 kg) – not too heavy nor too light – which means it is made with high-grade components. Along with dimensions of 5.5 x 2.5 x 2.5″, the Buster is heavy enough, but it can easily fit into the palm of an average hand.

The Buster uses a low intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector which enables quick scan of vehicles or any other objects for hidden contraband. Quick? Yes, but the Buster can thoroughly and accurate scan. It’s because the beam that the Buster radiates, penetrates deep into the object – as deep as six inches! Other contraband detection tools using other technology – millimeter wave, radio wave, microwave or ultra-violet wave – cannot perform scans as quickly and deeply as the Buster can. That’s why the Buster can be scanned over various types of materials – wood, reinforced plastic, metal, even dirt – and you still get the results you need.

Safety is a big concern among law enforcement agents especially when they’re in the field. CSECO has responded to those concerns by upgrading the Buster by making it safer for human use and for the environment. The new Buster K910G is now devoid of lead-based components which are present in the previous Buster K910B. Its 7.5 micro curie Barium 133 source (radioactive) is now at 25% smaller than that of its nearest competitor, which has 10 micro curie Barium 133 source, or even higher. This makes the Buster the safest density meter on the market!

The Buster is responsible for the seizure of billions of dollars’ worth of narcotics, illegal substances, cash, jewelry, weapons, and other contraband (mostly detected from vehicles), as well as numerous arrests of smugglers. Has your density meter reached that level of reliability?

If it still doesn’t convince you enough, CSECO also holds domestic and overseas training on the use of the Buster density meter. Clients can choose whether they want to conduct these training sessions at CSECO’s facilities, or their own offices. Look at for more information.

Competitors may have come up with their own density meters, trying to match the superior performance and safety features of the Buster. Their efforts do not change the fact that the Buster remains the “gold standard” in contraband detection, with its illustrious history and origins, top-of-the-line features, functions, and amazing results that no other density meter can match. For more information about the Buster, contact CSECO at

Tony Harris, President and CEO, and Pat Campbell, founder, of CSECO explain about the Buster density meter and other contraband detectors.

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